On November 3, 2023, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Jajarkot and Rukum Districts of Karnali Province. The earthquake resulted in 154 lives lost including 81 children, with over 375 injured and more than 150,000 lives affected.  The earthquake caused widespread damage, including the destruction of houses and infrastructures. The Initial Rapid Assessment reported a total of 13,129 buildings completely damaged and 34,299 partially damaged.


The education sector in Jajarkot District also faces significant challenges, with 341 out of 742 schools being completely damaged. In Nalgad Municipality, identified as one of the hardest-hit areas, there are a total of 71 schools, out of which 54 school buildings were entirely destroyed by the earthquake, according to the report from the Education Cluster in Karnali Province. Many schools have resorted to temporary shelters, repurposed as classrooms to facilitate ongoing education.

Street Child of Nepal, serving as a key stakeholder in Karnali Province, engaged in collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Social Development. The focused initiative involved assessment of the educational requirements within Nalgad Municipality, spanning across all 71 schools, including those situated in geographically remote areas. 

In response, Street Child of Nepal together with local partner Aasaman Nepal extended support to providing 114 education kits to 71 earthquake-affected schools in Nalgad. These kits were strategically allocated based on student enrollment, directly benefiting 10,844 students (5,720 girls and 5,124 boys). Each kit is equipped with a combination of learning materials and art supplies to support continued learning among children. By ensuring an adequate supply of educational materials for both teachers and students, these school kits play a crucial role in restoring a conducive learning environment. Additionally, a total of, 71 water filters of 22 liters capacity each were distributed to schools in Nalgad Municipality, addressing the critical need for clean drinking water in emergency situations.


Street Child of Nepal continues to collaborate with the local government to assess and understand changing needs on the ground for educational support to affected communities. 

“We are very grateful to Street Child for the support to the earthquake affected schools in our community by providing school kits and water filters. Specially in difficult times like this, your support has been crucial to us. We hope that in future your support is continued for the betterment of education in our municipality,” says Balbir BK, Education Officer, Nalgad Municipality.