Innovative Pedagogies to Support Foundational Learning

Transforming Education through Innovative teaching

In this month’s blog, we delve into the remarkable impact of the Innovative Pedagogies to Support Foundational Learning (IPSFL) project in Suddhodhan Rural Municipality, Lumbini Province. Together in partnership with Aasaman Nepal, the project focuses on building capacity of teachers, improving foundational skills and fostering learning environments to targeted schools with low learning indicators.  By applying innovative teaching methods like Teaching at the Right Level and fostering interactive learning environments, the project has empowered both teachers and students.

Traditional peer-to-peer learning often leave those with low learning levels behind. However, through differentiated learning methods, tailored to each student’s individual needs, the project has brought about a positive change in learning outcomes. A grade 4 student at Bal Kalyan Basic School in Gulari says, “Learning subjects through games and activities is fun. My friends and I love to play and when lessons are being taught through games and activities we learn faster.”

By adopting the innovative teaching methods, the project has empowered teachers and students alike, bridging the learning gaps and fostering an inclusive learning environment. Another teacher Hari Har Parsad Yada, from Shree Satkumari Serchan shares, “Through this method, we learnt to assess students’ learning levels which isn’t usual, now we know how to group students accordingly and tailoring lesson plans to their individual needs.”

Hands-on activities to engage children in learning

80 teachers from 40 schools from Lumbini Province received training to implement Teaching at the Right Level methods combined with innovative teaching, equipping them to assess each student’s level of learning. By grouping students based on their individual learning levels and tailoring lesson plans accordingly, teachers can effectively address the diverse learning needs present in their classrooms. This approach has resulted in increased student engagement and active participation, benefiting even those students who were previously shy or hesitant to ask questions.

Teacher Punakala Khadha using an innovative teaching method

One focal teacher, Punakala Khadka, who teaches grade 4 and 5 students, shared her thoughts on the impact of these innovative teaching methods: “This approach has been profoundly influential in our students’ lives. Previously, I was unaware of the various methods that could be used in teaching, but now I am equipped with the knowledge to differentiate children’s reading levels. This has allowed me to provide focused attention to students with lower reading abilities.”

The IPSFL project, provides remedial education to boost fundamental literacy and accelerate learning recovery. Additionally, the project includes tailored life skills sessions for class 6 students. Currently, the project being implemented in Buddhabhumi Municipality and Suddhodhan Rural Municipality, located in the Kapilvastu District of Lumbini Province.

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