Who we are


Who we are

Street Child of Nepal has been developing and executing programmes aimed at enhancing the educational outcomes of marginalised children. The goal is to provide educational support to children, particularly those who are marginalised and excluded, to help improve their learning outcomes and provide equal opportunities for their future.

Street Child of Nepal (SCoN) was established in response to the 2015 earthquake that left over 1 million children without schools and caused significant damage to more than 50,000 classrooms in Nepal.  Street Child UK established SCoN to assist local organizations in restoring education in the worst affected communities. Since then, SCoN is continually, expanding its efforts to provide long-term educational opportunities for marginalized communities in Nepal. Being one of the first in Nepal to  implement the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) pedagogy developed by Pratham India, SCoN prioritizes educational quality with learner centric focus to provide the best learning alternative for children in need.

Furthermore, SCoN is committed to evidence lead advocacy and programming, and support qualitative and quantitative research across sectors.  


About Street Child UK

Street Child  is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create sustainable educational access for some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Street Child initially started with one location, 100 children and four social workers. Since then, Street Child has continued to grow into a dynamic charity, assisting some of the world’s most vulnerable children in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Nepal. Through creating educational opportunities, Street Child has helped thousands of children lead a more positive life and opened up future opportunities for them.

Who we are

Our Vision and Mission

Education is a fundamental human right, and a foundational element of prosperous and progressive societies. Street Child exists to reach the underreached, and to ensure that marginalised children have access to a meaningful education that leads to improved life outcomes.


Street Child aims to create avenues for out of school children to access education through an integrated approach that enhances the structural, systemic and school factors that influence education, and thus strengthen the capacity of communities to sustain their investment in the education for their children.