Education Behind Walls


Providing safe and secure places for
children to access education.

Migrant families, especially children, face continuous interruptions to their studies. Brick
factories are seasonal and attract workers from outside the valley who bring their families with them. This means that employees spend six months at the factory in the Kathmandu Valley and six months in their rural villages. This constant movement in addition with inflexible school administration, rigid national curricula, absence of support networks and poorly trained teachers prevent children living in these brick factories from pursuing an education.


There are currently 125 brick factories in the Kathmandu Valley. These brick factories are home to 59,500 children, only one third of which have completed year two of their education. We are currently working to accommodate children in the Jhaukhel area of the Bhaktapur district of the Kathmandu Valley, which has a high concentration of brick factories.


Through Breaking Down Barriers programme Street Child constructs brick schools across selected brick factories in Nepal. Currently, 14 brick schools with access to 14 gender sensitive latrines in 12 brick factories across 7 districts in Nepal is established through our programme. The primary beneficiaries are 3-7 years old children of migrant
families who work in brick kilns. The focus of the programme is to develop functional literacy and numeracy skills of the children. The earthquake-resilient brick schools established by Street Child cater to over 2934 children of migrant brick factory workers. Through the programme we provide cost-free quality education, WASH facilities, along with daily mid-day meals and educational supplies necessary for children’s learning. 


Opening of the First Brick
Factory School

Opening of the first brick factory school and providing safe and secure places for children to access education.