Build the Basics

Build the Basics

Empowering Nepal's Education Through Integrated Learning

In the heart of Nepal’s educational panorama lies a catalyst for change—“Build the Basics, an integrated intervention meticulously crafted to tackle the pressing issue of learning loss. This initiative doesn’t merely strive to bridge the educational gap; it aspires to ignite a transformation that empowers not only 36,000 children but also the 1,800 teachers who guide them across 600 state schools in Madesh and Karnali provinces.



Since 2020, the COVID-19 crisis and consequent school closures have left 9M+ children out of school in Nepal. Multiple national lockdowns and school closures between March 2020 and February 2022, put children at the centre of long-term effects of the COVID-19 crisis, leaving alarming gaps in learning. The staggering scale and scope of school closures has caused significant strain on state schools and aggravated an already chronic crisis of learning: Nepal’s average learning loss due to COVID-19 is equivalent to 3 years of schooling – highest average globally (World Bank 2022).



In addition, the project will also focus on strengthening the capacity of schools to sustain, strengthen and scale learning approaches, by providing training to 1,800 teachers and members of School Management Committees (SMC) on accelerated and adaptive learning approaches and creating inclusive learning environments. The project will also use evidence generated through the project to advocate for the endorsement of accelerated and adaptive learning approaches, including Teaching at the Right Level, at local, provincial, and federal levels. This will have direct contribution to promote learner-centric education efforts to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST)’s School Education Sector Plan (2022-2030). 

Beyond the classroom, this initiative lays strong educational bedrocks, nurturing curiosity and critical thinking within students, forging an environment where learning thrives. But it doesn’t stop there—by harnessing the force of evidence, “Build the Basics” transcends boundaries, influencing educational policies and practitioners. This partnership, fueled by Street Child’s collaboration in the COVID-19 School Sector Support pilot, under the aegis of the World Bank, marks not just progress but a leap toward an education revolution. Together, we’re not merely addressing learning loss; we’re shaping a future where challenges are surmountable and success stories are authored. Join us in this transformative journey, as we build not just foundations, but dreams, for a brighter, educated Nepal.


The project is set to

  • Develop and deliver learner-centric, scalable interventions to successfully improve children’s foundational learning outcomes
  • Establish strong school systems that facilitate learning
  • Use evidence to influence policymakers and practitioners for improved education policies and programmes.